This is in response to some of the threads on Mastodon move.

Indian Right wings digital asset investment is mostly on 2 platforms , Twitter and WhatsApp.

Addressing troll armies is not a battle. That is a wrong perception. The RW agenda is more for 'Platform control" using Government power. Troll armies are a subset of it

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Take a look at policies ranging from Intermediary Liability , Breaking encryption requests, take downs on social media posts, data localization demands, aadhaar linking all on one object

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What happens when a huge platform is replaced with thousands of distributed self hosted servers powered with free and open source softwares? That's what happening now

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Participate, collaborate and engage without algorithmic biases of a monolithic platform . power your own instance with donations or hosting your own. You own this media.

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If you are reading this thread in , please understand, this is originally written in a Mastodon instance, and this content readched there via a bridge service (

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@anivar Exactly this! you cant buy stuff out on platforms like this and have an easy way out. If its mud fight we all fight together in the mud.

@anivar what's your stance on verification? Do you think it is needed or just self verification is okay?

@anivar yes, I am aware of that, but it's still self verification.

@bisaat @anivar Centralized verification is still susceptible to traditional power structures like governments.

Keybase (even though still a centralized app) operates through a web of trust, which is probably preferable to Twitters arbitrary rules around blue ticks.

@anivar hey, what is this instance you are on? Why are you using it?

@Memeghnad I am using started by @sajith as a mastodon instance for malayalis. Created account long back, even though I was jot very active.

My federation experiments started long back from, then Friendica then Diaspora and now here

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