Wonder how many years Python 5 to Python 6 transition took.

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Modi dog-whistled of identifying people by their clothes as his party has continued to communalise every single incident. This is the hallmark of RSS-BJP.

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Silence sometimes speaks as loudly as words: for all their talk of supporting free software, during the conference, we didn't hear a peep back about our request to upcycle the recently abandoned Windows 7 under a free software license: u.fsf.org/32n

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Kill all the small open source projects which are not able to provide any value to the enterprise people as they don't matter in the grand scheme of things.

And that is how folks, Microsoft works. It was never Microsoft ❤️ Open Source.

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So they have added The State of Kerala alongwith other Countries in the SDI list. Wow

Kerala ranked 13th in Sustainable Development Index among world nations. India is 55th.

Link: sustainabledevelopmentindex.or

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Read the #3 and #4



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Will never happen in a country where the ruling party believes it has all the answers!

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The phrase open source was coined to separate the philosophy behind the free software movement from it's achievements. This post is a prime example of what open source did to the free software movement.

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Pew-pew: Let's start the new week with some @ManjaroLinux@twitter.com laser content! 🔫

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This is a great thread for all the intellectuals out there who preach that Wikipedia is not a reliable source.

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Just googled and found this,
@Wikipedia@twitter.com how much were you paid for this?
How much will our media and woke intellectuals hide their wrong doings?

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This utter crap is being distributed through schools from the 'local authority' so presume @WalsallCouncil@twitter.com today. The level of disinformation is staggering. I'd be proud to find my kids learning to use any of these. Except Discord but that's nothing to do with hacking.

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We have @GitHubEducation@twitter.com Campus Expert @athulcajay@twitter.com helping hackers get started with @github@twitter.com @HackCamp2020@twitter.com.

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Hey twitter fam, @thetronjohnson@twitter.com has got invited to attend @qiskit@twitter.com camp at New York during March 2020!

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Our YouTube channel has been hijacked and deleted. @ytcreators@twitter.com @YouTubeIndia@twitter.com @YouTube@twitter.com please look in to this and help us get our channel back.

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