Pinned toot is one of the oldest pods in the decentralized Diaspora social network. Upon registering a Poddery account you will also get XMPP and Matrix accounts for which you can use the same credentials to login. You can read more about why matters... and my personal experiences with Poddery at

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To avoid confusion, here's a step-by-step guide to putting your #Wordpress blog on the #Fediverse:

1. Log into your Wordpress site

2. Go to "Plugins", "Add New", search for "ActivityPub" plugin, install and activate it.

3. Go to "Users", then "Your Profile". Scroll down, and right at the bottom there's a new section called "Fediverse" with the blog's Fediverse address.

4. Share this address on #Mastodon etc, people will be able to follow it by pasting it into the search box and following it!

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Debian Packaging workshop ! And release party

Thanks to @praveen & Sruthi for coming over and conducting the workshop <3

Thanks to @fsfe for the swags.

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My city. 😍

(Also, vegetables are grown between many of these panels , which I think is super cool).


India is 🇮🇳 leading the world.
Kochi International Airport in Kerala is the first fully solar-powered airport in the world. It runs 100% on solar energy.
Great for the planet, good for the economy of the airport! 👍


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Did you know that "git checkout -" works much like "cd -" and switches back and forth between two branches?

You're welcome.

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I've made this app for typing in Manglish and other Indian languages with predictive transliteration.

It's very easy to install with !

It's a frontend for the amazing library made by !

Install -

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For , it works better than Google Input Tools !

The desktop app currently supports Malayalam, , , and . But Malayalam works the best.

Check out for a live demo and if you wanna know more about the amazing library.

"If you want to understand data privacy in short -

1. If you give, they store.
2. if they store, they share.
3. If they share, they aggregate.
4. If they aggregate, they profile.
5. If they profile, they surveil.
6. If they surveil, they have power.
7. If they have power and you don't, then you have no rights.
8. If you don't have rights, then you are a slave.
9. If you are a slave, then there is no democracy."


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NEWS: The OLinuXino line of single-board computers has officially been certified as "Open Source Hardware" by the Open Source Hardware Association! 🎉

This means the Pioneer Edition #FreedomBox kit is officially #OSHW! Join us in congratulating @olimex!

Details here:

Certification for the LIME2 is here:

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It's the last few hours of crowdfunding for #Mobilizon, a free open federated alternative to Facebook Events:

You can follow it here:


It's already achieved its funding goals for events, groups and ActivityPub federation.

Further funds will go to mobile apps, UI development and advanced maps.

It's backed by @Framasoft , the free software organisation that backed PeerTube and many other alternatives.

#DeleteFacebook #Facebook #Alternatives #Activism

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Sruthi is now officially a Debian Developer (DD)!

Her gpg key was included in debian-keyring package yesterday. Now packages signed with her gpg key will be accepted into Debian archive.

#debian #FreeSoftware

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Check it out! More than 200 KDE apps all in one place:

Which ones do you use?


Also: Read the "Making of" the most complete KDE app catalogue available at:

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A quick rundown on the contributions Purism made that are included in Linux kernel 5.1.

Includes significant hardware support for the upcoming Librem 5 smartphone.

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Have you been interested in developing a GNOME Shell Extension, but were intimidated or lost with how to get started? Good news! We now have a thorough overview and guide for extension development and how to get started!

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Richard Hughes has been tirelessly working on fwupd and the Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS) to greatly improve firmware updating on Linux! He is asking for 5 minutes of your time to help with this effort. Please consider his request, if you are able

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