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I'm not also saying we can change things in one year, five years or even fifty years, but someone has to start and keep going. I keep repeating this example of our Freedom struggle, many of our freedom fighters did not see Freedom in their lifetime, were their efforts wasted? Without their efforts could those who came after them succeed?

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Yes, the situation is bad. But we have gone through worse situations, fought back and won. It could still go worse before it is good again, but we will win this too. No fascist regime in the world survived for ever. We need to look at history more seriously. It can serve as a reminder for us, what human race is capable of, it can give us hope in times like this, as hope is essential to fight back and eventually win.

#5thAugust India:-
- Topped Corona deaths & new cases
- Topped deaths because of floods
- One year of evil behaviour with Kashmir

Indians celebrated mini Diwali. Insane.

It is not only insensitive, but, it is also inhuman. Sadly, most of the Indians have lost their morals and humanity side.
It's was terrible to see in my area people were firing crackers forgetting there is another community too, there is death in someone's house, there is pandemic.
India will meet its fate soon

All the people in this country are not supporters of this govt. You can look the percentage of votes if you don't believe me. Most people are victims here, it is always easy to blame the victims like people do in cases of rape. It is really convenient. But owning up responsibility to the situation need courage and conviction and most people choose the easy option.
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Last month #FSFI published an Open letter to #KITE on the use of proprietary apps and services for online classes in schools: fsf.org.in/news/proprietary-ap

Now a #Malayalam version of the same is available: fsf.org.in/news/proprietary-ap

How Panther’s Paw Publications is publishing its Dalit books during, and against, the pandemic

Yogesh Maitreya is the founder and sole staff member of this publisher of Dalit literature.


#pantherspaw #dalit #books #india #publishing

"It is the essence of a democracy that all institutions, including the judiciary, function for the citizens and the people of this country, and they have every right to freely and fairly discuss the state of affairs of an institution and build public opinion in order to reform the institution."

Prashant Bhushan's affidavit to the Supreme Court


@aseem We are just getting started on fediverse. We are working on setting up automatic posting of news on the website to this account. For now, you can use any RSS feed reader and subscribe to fsf.org.in/news/feed.atom

Hello Fediverse,

FSF India is a non-profit organisation committed to advocating, promoting and propogating the use and development of swantantra software in India.

Learn more at fsf.org.in/

#FSFI #FreeSoftware

Indic Keyboard is available for 23 languages with 57 layouts.

It's available in Play Store and F-Droid : indic.app

It's a free software project hosted here : gitlab.com/indicproject/indic-

It's been my primary keyboard for a month now, and I love it so far :)

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We have now sent this to #ICFOSS lists.fsci.in/hyperkitty/list/

It seems he is now active in our loomio group, which gives us some hope. At least we now know, he has seen our reply. With previous director, we had to take so much effort to even know if the director had seen our letter.

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So, the Alt News mastodon instance is finally up, thanks to @abhas :-)

We will also be tooting from now on.

This is my personal account, the Alt News account will also be created shortly.

Everyone who reads The Wire and relies on it for independent analysis, please consider taking on a monthly commitment to ensure that this important source of news survives.
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We are just five days away from July end and @thewire_in is still 14L short of the 30 lakh rupees in reader donations we need every month. “Kindly oblige and do the needful”, dear readers, independent media needs your support! Make your donatio…

Time is 13:37, so let's make this #official 🎉

This is the new dedicated account for the #keyoxide project, easy #pgp #encryption and #distributed #identity for all in a fully #opensource and #privacy friendly package!

Developed by @yarmo
Read more about the project here: yarmo.eu/post/keyoxide

Let's make distributed identity happen! 😎

#introductions #foss

Just took some time to read about @keyoxide ...

What a great idea and project!!!!!

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