I started repairing broken electronic toys for kids in our family friend circle, and now almost every kid thinks I'm some sort of wizard.

explaining how their toys work inside and letting them help me fix the broken bits.

if I had full freedom, I think I'd do this full time. I love to see the magic in their eyes and help them gain a love for tinkering. maybe take some on as little apprentices, and have them go off into their own hackerspaces, exceed my ability, and grow the community, and continue to foster local build/repair/development.

CAA isn’t India’s internal matter anymore.

154 European Parliament members say it violates India’s “international obligations” under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights & other Human Rights treaties to which India is a signatory.



#Karnataka: Anti-CAA-NRC protests in Hubballi by Sanitation Workers buff.ly/2S1vLtN Many of these sanitation workers are Dalits, landless peasants and come from neighboring states. They have no land documents or any birth certificate.

"The idea of secularism in India does not negate religion in public space unlike the French concept of 'laicite' which excludes religion in public space.Indian secularism on the other hand envisages religious neutrality and equal treatment of all religions"bit.ly/2NXwTgt

Indian Govt's #NetNeutrality violating "whitelisted sites" list for kashmir coming with a small upgrade. Access to limited news sites and few NGO websites
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The whitelist of #Kashmir's first great firewall has now been expanded to 300 websites, including many news websites. NYT, WaPo, The Wire included among the 53 news organisations allowed. 👇

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Software is like an onion. If you open up the inner layers you start crying

Joint Parliamentary Committee on Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 invites suggestions from stakeholders. The Bill was referred to the JPC headed by @M_Lekhi@twitter.com for examination and report.
#PDPbill #dataprotection
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@LokSabhaSectt Joint Committee on the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 invites suggestions on the Bill. @M_Lekhi@twitter.com

The Kerala High Court on Friday held that schools which are required to have recognition under the RTE Act are not entitled to impart religious instruction or religious study of one religion exclusively in preference to other religions.
Read Judgment: bit.ly/30UwMYn

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Week 52.
Since I began striking, I've learnt so much and met so many inspirational people. I'm not striking just for the climate anymore: I'm striking for nature and all the environmental crises that need urgent action. #schoolstrike4climate #FridaysForFuture @gretathunberg

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#schoolstrike4climate outside the Scottish Parliament, week 50! #FridaysForFuture – At Scottish Parliament

Scale of UK fossil fuel support 'staggering'

The government is funding oil and gas projects abroad, despite a commitment to cut carbon emissions.

bbc.com/news/science-environme #environment #climatecrisis #climateemergency #pollution #uk

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The women's protest at Mumbra was dispersed by cops by revoking permission on the fourth day today. However, these absolutely amazing women have decided to continue their resistance nonetheless. Please join them!


Scientists spot six near-extinct vaquita marinas

Scientists said Monday they have spotted six #VaquitaMarina•s, one of the most endangered #animals on Earth, off the coast of #Mexico, reviving hopes for the survival of the world's smallest #porpoise.
The #vaquita has been nearly #wiped #out by illegal fishing in its native habitat, the #GulfOfCalifornia, and the World Wildlife Fund (#WWF) warned last year that it could soon go #extinct.



Bushfires remain at Emergency Warning level in some parts of #Australia, including near capital Canberra because of hot conditions and strong winds.
In NSW, 70 fires burning of which 44 are not contained.

[:tw: tweets.newsbots.eu/WMO/status/#bot]

Myanmar must ensure that its military and any other armed groups under the State do not commit acts of genocide, conspiracy to commit genocide, public incitement to genocide against #Rohingyas : International Court of Justice

Bearing in mind the Myanmar's duties under Genocide Convention, Myanmar must take all measures within its powers to prevent the commission of all Genocidal acts against #Rohingyas : ICJ

Right of #Rohingyas in Myanmar are of such a nature that prejudice to them will cause them irreparable harm. Since Oct 2016 #Rohingya were subjected to acts of violence affecting their right to exist as a protected group under the Genocide convention.
(Gambia vs Myanmar)

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