"It is the essence of a democracy that all institutions, including the judiciary, function for the citizens and the people of this country, and they have every right to freely and fairly discuss the state of affairs of an institution and build public opinion in order to reform the institution."

Prashant Bhushan's affidavit to the Supreme Court

@kocheechi “... the Supreme Court and the High Courts, must vigilantly protect free speech even against judicial umbrage... the countervailing good, not merely of free speech but also greater faith generated by exposure to the actinic light of bona fide, even if marginally overzealous, criticism cannot be overlooked. Justice is no cloistered virtue.”

Justice Krishna Iyer’s judgment in Mishra vs Registrar Orissa High Court (1974), quoted in the affidavit.

The powers they hold should not be beyond criticism. Such suppression will end up in misuse of power and as well as stand as an example of it. The immunity which an institution posses to protect its integrity should not pose as a tool to suppress public debates on its integrity.

A free pass will only help it to degrade unchecked. Or worse, will be used to suppress the voice of those who have denied justice. No power shall go unchecked, or should be beyond criticism, or it is bound to corruption.

Also I don't understand the point of adding doctors to a list having military and court.

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