@DesCoutinho@mastodon.social @praveen Thanks for being considerate as well as inspiring me to improve my arguments. I really enjoyed this convo 😅

Before ending this, I'd like add a couple of points:

1. Free Software doesn't wipe out competition, instead more and more companies including the tech giants are investing more in Free Software now (but they'd like to call it Open Source Software for some other reasons).


@DesCoutinho@mastodon.social @praveen 2. Free Software is accountable and without accountability and the option to run a service on our own (a.k.a self-hosting which allows decentralization), we can't simply ensure privacy protection. Closed and centralized services like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. pose a huge threat to our privacy as well as free speech. That's the price we've to pay for our 'convenience' in using their free-of-cost 'services'.

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