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Shaheen Bagh is like pilgrimage site for pro democracy people. Groups coming in from all directions chanting slogans, having talks at main stage, thousands spread across the road, people showing their creativity in diverse ways, standing around campfire in the cold winter night of Delhi and most of us were women. For sometime, I felt like I was at the greatest place on earth.

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What are we planning to do after this? Even if we succeed?
Should we continue trusting the current political system that allowed this to happen? Or should we get out and be part of creating a new culture of politics?

Passive participation in politics is proved not working, we need active participation. We need to do more than voting every once a while.

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Today is the 33rd birthday of , he fought to free and killed by flawed unjust system that valued money over humanity. Let's remember him, and continue the battle he has started

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The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do by #Kurzgesagt is the most useful, informative and concise video I saw about #covid19 pandemic. It has been translated to over 37 languages.

Invidious links to the same -

#fediverse - Please boost

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South Korea was doing a heroic job controlling #COVID for the first 30 patients. Then #Patient31 did not adhere to #socialdistancing. Caused 2 clusters responsble for 80% of South Koreas infections. Don't be #Patient31. #CancelEverything #medtwitter

“There are standard protocols to control such situations. Even a very big riot can be controlled within about six hours. And this was not such a big riot.”

Words of Jakob Lindenthal, a German exchange student at Madras IIT whose visa was recently revoked because he warned us of fascism. He participated in an anti-CAA protest while he was an exchange student.

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“I did not see Hindu or Muslim,” said Singh, who runs an electronics store and is a father to two children.

“I just saw people. I saw little children. I felt like they were my children and that nothing should happen to them. We did this because we all should act humanely and help those in need. What more can I say?” he said.

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The hope of our nation is in kindness and unity.

India, home to this enduring symbol of love (pointing Taj Mahal), franky deserves lot more, than this temporary symbol (pointing at Narendra Modi) of hate.

Modi: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Watch it before it gets censored from YouTube too.

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Justice Muralidhar asks for playing clip in Court after police officer told the bench that he hasn't seen the provocative speech.


Justice Muralidhar orders for clip regarding Kapil Mishra's speech to be played in the court

'Let all of you watch it', he says



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Delhi Riots: hearing on Harsh Mander's plea seeking an independent enquiry into the instances of violence in North East Districts of Delhi begins before the DB of Justice Muralidhar and Justice Talwant Singh at Delhi HC

#DelhiRiots2020 #delhivoilence

It will take immense bravery to stay non violent after all this thrashing, killing and fire. It is expected for someone to snap after all this provocation. Its too much to ask, but I request the Muslims to stay brave.
And I request the privileged to protect the oppressed, only the message of unity can fight the hatred based on communal division. Anything else would help only to heat things up.

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The Muslims in Delhi are caught in a catch 22 situations.

There are fires burning all around their homes.

There are rioters on both sides, fanned by hate, led by political agendas. (1/n)

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Whatever be the context, calling zindabad to another nation shouldn't be a crime. A nation is its people and they are humans like us. If we look for our differences, we can see selfish intentions of few people.
We have reduced ourselves to a place where calling zindabad to what was once our sister, has became sedition.

Hate doesn't solve anything, nor building up a nation hating another. May the people understand and love each other, irrespective of boundaries.

“We don’t expect that a democratic government will curb freedom of expression. An elected democratic government cannot place curbs on freedom of expression. (We) shouldn’t fear criticism.” He said, “The constitutional courts will protect the constitutional rights of the people. Everyone’s constitutional rights will be protected. This is Pakistan and not India.”

“If you want to protest, get permission (of the police). If you don’t get permission, the court is here.”

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ഇതിലും വലിയ നാണക്കേട് ഇനി എന്തു വരാൻ! 😢

"This is Pakistan, not India"

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Germany approves Gpg4KDE and Gpg4win for the transmission and processing of National Classified Information: KMail and Kleopatra are officially deemed secure for the transmission of confidential state messages.

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