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Today is the 33rd birthday of , he fought to free and killed by flawed unjust system that valued money over humanity. Let's remember him, and continue the battle he has started

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Today we mourn Babasaheb Ambekdar’s demise. When a nation cheers an encounter, time to mourn the demise of his Constitution as well!


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Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come.

~ Robert H. Schuller

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We urge @GoI_MeitY to release the Draft Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 in the public domain. Without access to the latest version, stakeholders will not be able to comprehensively comment on the proposed changes.

#DataProtection #Privacy #Transparency

The thirst for power by different entities may help to avoid , but people will be forgotten, and will rot away.

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So East Delhi people had voted for the great cricketer and even greater bigot, Gautam Gambhir, in the last Lok Sabha elections. Him, over educationist and Rhodes scholar Atishi, who is credited for playing a major role in the metamorphosis of Delhi Govt schools.


Our present policy makers are not aware (or don't care) about issues behind centralization. We need solutions.

A is not its boundaries, its the unity and coexistence inside. Some believe it can be forced, but it can exist only by accepting the diversity.

We still look at nation boundaries, forgetting to see the being ignored.

This could be simple as the of pictures in a text book to forcing a language to its people.

We are in this together, is not someone's private property, nor some 's or some 's. We built this polity for ourselves.

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Something I had written on Facebook many many years ago. It felt very relevant today.

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“I ask Meera if she can tell me in one phrase or less what she feels India’s biggest moral/political problem is.

“Apathy,” she says without hesitation.””

We were born in same soil,
we speak the same language,
that's all we need to come together.

But when you have the power,
don't do to anyone what they did to us.
It's easy to deepen hate.
But we must rise above it. Thats what is important.

If we own farmlands,
they will seize it.
If we have money,
they will snatch it.
But if we have EDUCATION,
they can never take it away from us.
If you really want to win against them..
Study hard and sit on a powerful position.

You saw injustice being committed.
You fought it in a way you felt was right.
But this is not the only way to stand up to them.

Sivasami (father): Did we go through all this for you to end up in prison?
Vadakooraan owned all the farmlands in our village. They could live of it for generations.
And yet our few acres made him so angry,
That was their mistake.
The police and courts didn't even help us get your brother's body,
That was their mistake.
Brooding over your brother's death, we neglected you and the baby girl,
That was our mistake.

Chidambaram (son): Everyone in our village knows that Vadakooraan killed my brother.
The police did nothing to him.
Why should we go to prison for their murder?
Besides, this was my mistake.
Why should you go to prison, dad?
I will go..

Here is an inspiring scene from the movie . This is a conversation between the father who is about to get sentenced for his son's crime.

His first son was killed by Vadakooraan, an upper caste landlord who was greedy for Sivasami's farmland. Sivasami's second son killed Vadakooraan as a revenge.

Asuran is a must watch movie for its plot and the message.

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Tweets doing the rounds saying "mothers should teach their sons better". Really? No matter what, it's the women who are responsible for everything, apparently.

A child's development is affected by multiple factors, not just one. They learn from their family as well as from their surroundings.

So when you, the society, shows him that it's easy to blame and treat women (the way people do) and get away with anything, that's what he learns.

Wonderful presentation by @aral, this gives a comprehensive picture of how our policies on social medias and are mislead and how to set them in right direction.

The future internet regulation - Aral Balkan at the European Parliament - With Slides


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Comrade Vinod Singh of has represented Bagodar in Jharkhand Assembly twice. Inside & outside Assembly, he is known as the "People's MLA". He isn't funded by electoral bonds & corrupt corporates but by people. Pl support his campaign here

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