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Shaheen Bagh is like pilgrimage site for pro democracy people. Groups coming in from all directions chanting slogans, having talks at main stage, thousands spread across the road, people showing their creativity in diverse ways, standing around campfire in the cold winter night of Delhi and most of us were women. For sometime, I felt like I was at the greatest place on earth.

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What are we planning to do after this? Even if we succeed?
Should we continue trusting the current political system that allowed this to happen? Or should we get out and be part of creating a new culture of politics?

Passive participation in politics is proved not working, we need active participation. We need to do more than voting every once a while.

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Today is the 33rd birthday of , he fought to free and killed by flawed unjust system that valued money over humanity. Let's remember him, and continue the battle he has started

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A mentoring programme created with the intention of bringing more people to Free Software with strong focus on philosophy. More at #fscamp #FreeSoftware

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Indian main stream media is so clever, they successfully deviated people by sensationizaling single Case 24/7.

What they avoided
- Discussion/Analysis on CoVID cases and Death toll. 70, 000 + cases perday.
- Discussion on Govt move to privatize 23+ Govt PSUs including LIC, ONGC, BPL, HPCL, Govt Airports, IRCTC.
- Environmental bill, National Health Data collection bill, Internet Data protection bill and other bills on bench or passed during CoVID.
- Severe floods in Northeastern parts.
- Social Health and education system in the wake of CoVID.
- Migrant and job Retrenchment crisis.

And what not?
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“Final Report On 2020 Presidential Elections In #Belarus” was released.

A joint effort of the Voice, Zubr and Honest People platforms helped to collect and process official voting records from 1,310 out of 5,767 polling places.

The report is based on the comparison of data extracted from these 1,310 official polling places’ records with photographed ballots submitted by voters to the Voice platform.

Short deadlines and ignored public consultations, done at times where public protests are not possible. Its not hard to see center want to bypass discussions on it.

Health data management policy deals with extremely sensitive data of people. This is not an empire for King's masterstrokes. Such policies should go through publicly scrutiny and people should have their right to protest for what they feel right. This is EIA all over again.

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"Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say."
— Edward Snowden

Similarly, the argument that you don't care about software freedom because you don't know coding can be considered as same. It's like arguing that you don't care about the food you eat because you don't know cooking!

Are we already conditioned to accept these plain sight display of oppression by state?

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Due to recent events, I read so much wrong things about #Fedilab

- No, Fedilab was a paid app before the gab matter. The goal was to move people to F-Droid (Fedilab got more than 50k active users at this time)

- No, I didn't remove the free version, it was taken down by Google due to donation links.

- Yes, in-app login block is useless. That will never prevent your account to see messages from instances that you don't want to see.

And yes, the app has all tools to build your safe place.

"A chopped head is cheaper than a chopped tree"
- Amrita Devi Bishnoi
An act passive resistance by by Bishnoi community, the sacrifice of 363 souls and the bravery of thousands more to protect their belief and the Kejri trees they hugged while being chopped down by kings soldiers.

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Hi, we have replied to the email from Vishal. We'd also like to share the blog post by @abhas on this topic:

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Hello Fediverse,

FSF India is a non-profit organisation committed to advocating, promoting and propogating the use and development of swantantra software in India.

Learn more at

#FSFI #FreeSoftware

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No matter how many opinions there are about #KDE vs #GNOME, I like the fact that we all play in the same FOSS-sandbox. ✌️

#Linux #openSource #FOSS

Here is a list of distributed social networking platforms:

And here are my personal suggestions:

, - personal communication, chatting
- you are seeing this post in mastodon
- for microblogging

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A word on - controversy.

The company is too big, controls the communication of a majority of the internet population. The country is too big and the biggest market because China is not available. The party is too big and systems to check their powers are failing.

We didn't expected this, because we were ignoring these for the convenience we got for free. I think its already late to migrate to decentralized platforms.

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RT @neintara
what a powerful moment, however this is far from the first protest over an algorithm: #robodebt in australia, protests over ride-hailing, food delivery and logistics algorithms across the world, over aadhaar based authentication in India, so many more!

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Students shouldn't be forced to use Zoom, Skype, and other nasty proprietary software to access an education. Support their #UserFreedom: sign our petition!

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