How many of you are planning to move permanently from to

@kannan If they get more news sites, I will probably dump twitter.

@rupagulab @kannan

If we guyz remain active here, news sites are bound to follow suit

@AdvManoj @rupagulab @kannan
Copy paste links. Responses will alert them, they'll take a count,maybe take a call

@kannan I don't intend to leave Birdsite, but I will definitely spend more time here. Its a much more open space, I like its potential.

@kannan Once good news digital media, some political parties/ figures, like minded people with good content and analysts move, we can drop BirdDite. Till then, we can use both

We need @sanjayuvacha and others to use this to show twitter we are not slaves to the site

@SabinaBasha I hope we can invite Prof. Dilip Mandal, TribalArmy et al, who are leading an equally important movement there. #CasteistTwitter
@kannan @sanjayuvacha

@goofysufi All sensible people and movements should move & build network here without fear of suspension. I just do not want BJP IT Cell and others to start their hate campaigns here.

@SabinaBasha @goofysufi nothing can stop such campaigns, except critically thinking citizens who are ready to start debates. But such debates are worthless inside a , because these centralized social medias can no longer be considered as a public space as we all are grouped by algorithms. Our ideas will not cross our bubble. While we struggle with bot made hate speech, people will live misinformed in their bubbles.

@kannan It might be nice, but honestly, there are not enough conversations going on on Masto that could take the place of what I would lose. I still like Masto, but there's just not enough comics, tv, movie discussion going on. There's plenty news. Plenty social issues. But I need to have fun too.

And there is only so much I can take of "X platform is horrible!! #FUCKXPlatfrom" full of righteous indignation🙃​. As tho Masto will simplistically solve whatever the problem is. Masto has it's issues too. And while Masto may function much like Twitter, there's no guarantee it can take its place. Or at least in all ways. Masto can only be Masto. Which is good in many, many ways. But definitely not the same.

@kannan I have already left birdshit permanently...deleted my account there...

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