What are we planning to do after this? Even if we succeed?
Should we continue trusting the current political system that allowed this to happen? Or should we get out and be part of creating a new culture of politics?

Passive participation in politics is proved not working, we need active participation. We need to do more than voting every once a while.

@kannan The government is headed by strong-willed authoritarians who sincerely believe in their goal of making India a Hindu nation. They do not care for protests, especially since they have the majority in parliament.

However the protests must go on, even if they don't succeed in the immediate goals of repealing CAA and NRC. (They won't be -- this will likely be a replay of demonetization.)

Greater civic engagement can at least slow down worse laws, and at best train future leaders.

Unlike before there is a big crowd of people who is used to forgive government's actions out in street.

And yes, we need people who are ready to at least get down on streets.

I have a feeling that a new front is arising from these protests, but I don't know how they will find each other.

1. They don't have majority in Rajya Sabha, they need support from regional parties still and public pressure did force some of them to back track. So there is a short term success too. 2. We need to actively participate in electoral democracy. If you already are happy with any party, support and help them grow and influence. We also have a very small group at @piratesin , we are always looking for more people to join us. There will likely to be new parties like Bhim Army.

@praveen @sajith @piratesin @kannan These pan India protests are powerful, for people to truly exercise their power they need to organize better by being part of alternative politics. For eg. is currently a small group of people, with the aspiration to become a political party that are against the current norms by promoting direct democracy internally and respecting dissent by giving voice to everyone. To know more check

@kannan The immediate goal is repeal of the CAA-NPR-NRC, but the long term goal has to be: 1. a far more watchful eye on creation/passing of policies. 2. Greater interaction & subsequent pinning down of elected reps. 3. Bring forth an alternative to currently existing parties. 4. Grassroot reach-out. 5. Build a Pan-India volunteer association that links to all other existing ones...

These are Top of mind...

@KayKap Perfectly put.

Plus a way to ensure that unresolved issues don't get lost. We still have Kashmir, Assam, JNU, deaths of students from different caste and religion all still unresolved.

Then there is economy, prices of onions and data bill.

There are so many issues happening simultaneously a way to ensure that it remains in people views until it gets resolved becomes crucial.


We need to support/inspire people to take part in politics, I believe existence of parties with no internal Democratic structure and their failure to be collaborative and inclusive and their intolerance to criticisms kept common person away from politics.

We need parties with democratic internal structure that give voice to everyone and which are open to criticism.

@kannan @Vishsai so basically a party that has defined internal structure supported by processes with an underpinning of tec n enough mentors 2 allow free learning n discussion / debates. Commonman kept away also bec politics is considered a dirty game full of corruption n what not. A democratic conglomerate, huh? Disciplined but open. Allows youth 2 participate without fear n offers constructive arenas 4 development
Ok, let's work to create one.
@VivekT vive @TheDonkeySays @sanjayuvacha

@kannan @Vishsai @VivekT @TheDonkeySays We have enough of an impetus to lay the groundwork. We have 4 years to get this off the ground. We will need to build ground up... n if we are serious give it a proper name, easily recognised logo. And afore u tell me that an initiative is on, let me say this country is big enough for a myriad such initiatives n that these can come together later. But this can no longer be a centrally driven exercise. It has to be a federated 1. @Samyukth

We should be supporting every organization with Democratic structure. We should develop a collaborative habit too, as most of us are working with similar ideologies and goals. This should also inspire the mainstream parties to follow the same structure too.
@Vishsai @VivekT @Samyukth

@kannan @Vishsai @VivekT @TheDonkeySays @Samyukth the time for "We should" is over n done with. Time is now to conceptualize, design n execute.

@kannan need to change the first past the post system we have.

@kannan I think it's the other way around. FPTP leads to a lot of corruption and a system of feudalism and patronage. Some community leaders side with the party that is likely to win for personal gains.

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