Another daily news paper migrated to . Happy to see the share of free software is increasing in print media sector.❤❤

Deshabhimani is the news paper. You can see the news paper at The project was made successful by Appropriate Technology Promotion Society.

I love Scribus (as someone who earned their living with QuarkXPress for above a decade).

@kannan hello, I am a #Scribus user and this news if it's true is awesome and amazing. Is there any reference? Thanks in advance.

@ademalsasa I don't think they have released a public blog post, but here is a post about a news paper we migrated to Scribus and GNU/Linux.

@kannan there are no recent books for users to learn Scribus that I am aware of. User-friendly documentation and resources may be a hurdle for new users to switch to Scribus.

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