@subins2000 Getting it installed with a complete HDD wipeout was a breeze. Trying to have a dual boot setup with OSX on another partition was a disaster. With the Kubuntu installer, it crashed trying to do an os-probe. I then used a vanilla Ubuntu ISO which errored out on installing the boot loader.

I finally decided to have two partitions. The 450 GB one is for KDE Neon. The remaining for distro hopping.

@milcom which mbp is this? I hear the newer ones don't even boot anything other than macos

@adtya @milcom Seems that Apple computers with T2 security chip (2018 and later) will boot only macOS and Windows 10, unless you relax secure boot. The ones prior to that and since touchbar (2016-2017) may need some work. Older ones, it's no big deal.


I ran Debian testing on a mid-2014 MBP for a long time. It worked fine until things broke during Wayland transition.

@sajith @adtya Mine is a mid-2012 model. It runs without any complaints, but I wanted a different desktop experience. I did read about the issues that newer macs have with running Linux. In fact, some blogs even warned against doing that because of the pain points.

@sajith @milcom I've heard people say the ones with the T2 chip are so limiting. How the data on the ssd is encrypted with the T2 chip, if the motherboard breaks you can't even access your data anymore

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