@praveen what a timing! I just deleted my account and uninstalled WhatsApp on the new year's day and it's a sea change cutting off my folks and irl friends given that i stay away from them and no one else would easily jump ship from WA, so adding another or "learning" another messenger feels unproductive to them (my folks at least).
I intend to not give up on this new year resolution as is almost inevitable @akshay - 1/2

with other resolutions.
9.5 years since quitting FB, I finally quit its last app @akshay @praveen - 2/2

@dpreacher @praveen

I do have an instagram account which I do not use. Have to download the photos and delete it as well.


Didn't knew that. Its great because I failed to to make it for many times.
@dpreacher @praveen

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