I spent today messing with a simplified layout for Mastodon, but haven't arrived at anything that I like enough to show.

I once did a poll on Twitter (back when I had my personal account) asking about the biggest obstacles to Mastodon adoption and the UI is on the same level as network effects. That's killing me. Like, I absolutely love this multi-column UI, that's the sad part

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@Gargron Would you also make that an admin option, such that the simplified layout would be the default for new users? I imagine that folks would be able to switch to multi-column layout, if that is their preference.

"Strange UI" is the strongest objection I have encountered (and character limit), from friends who were looking to move from that Doomed Social Network run by A Giant Corporation.

They're all on The Giant Evil Social Network these days. Network effects are a factor. 😰

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