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Introducing WebDrop.Space, an easy way to transfer files & messages across all your devices seamlessly.

It works entirely on your browser with @WebTorrentApp, no installation needed ! Plus all devices under the same WiFi auto join the same room!

Made @MLHacks

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Introducing Vett (പൂജ്യം വെട്ട്), the online multiplayer version of the Dots-and-Boxes game you played in school !

Unlimited number of players can play together ! Works P2P with WebRTC & WebTorrent trackers 🔥


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Introducing Indic-En, a browser extension to (auto) convert Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada webpages to Manglish, Hinglish and Kanglish respectively.

Available now in Firefox :

Blog -

Thanks to for this beautiful logo :)

VSCode and many other node apps which has terminal emulation uses xterm.js library. It used to properly have Malayalam/ligatures support before it switched to HTML5 canvas rendering.

Wait until this issue gets closed for Malayalam support on xterm.js

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Made a simple rules-based Manglish -> Malayalam transliteration program last night.

Malayalam doesn't render properly in desktop terminals, so I used this node app for terminal emulation in browser.

The only English font I can identify is the "Ubuntu" font.

Here's font out in the wild in a small town in Kerala.

Our school: 2016 vs 2021

Kudos to LDF government for their emphasis on strengthening public education.

More new building construction is underway.

ഈ ഓട്ടോ ചേട്ടൻ ❤️
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Good time to replug this old video of an auto driver from Kerala reacting to fuel price hike 🙊

Ah this meteor was witnessed pan Kerala too just like the meteoroid of 2015. Found this comment under a news report of the 2015 meteoroid:

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Saw a meteor engulf in green flames at around 7PM IST. A very beautiful sight ! It's the longest duration of a meteor burn I've seen.

It was similar to the 2015 Kerala Meteoroid [which I could only see partially ;)]

I'm doing a talk on my "Television AdBlocker" at MiniDebConf India 2021 [Malayalam].

Come, join us in India's own mini Debian conference on January 23-24 available in multiple Indian languages!

I encourage everyone to upload media to Wikipedia and help different articles.

Nobody anticipated the world to not be the same anymore. Best we capture the lives we live today and save it for the future.

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Our college arts festival was in March 2020 just before lockdown. I captured videos of some arts like Kolkali which happens to be the only CC-licensed video to be used on Wiki

Who'd have know the world wouldn't be the same after!

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I've a bad phone camera, but I took photos and uploaded them to @Wikipedia whenever I could. Just found my pic used here. It's a small festival celebrated in some parts of Kerala. There are no other CC-licensed media of it!

Every photo/video created pre-pandemic is valuable now!

Kids are born hackers.

വളരുമ്പോൾ ആ കൗതുകം കാത്തുസൂക്ഷിക്കുക :)

When maps are in open data, we can make cool visualizations like these.

Nice work @jinoytommanjaly

Thanks all OSM contributors :)
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2020 LSGI Election visualisation of majority in Thrissur district using @f_l_o_u_r_i_s_h

ഇവിടെ ഒരു വാർഡ് ജയിച്ചതിന് ബി.ജെ.പി ചുറ്റും നീണ്ട ബൈക്ക് റാലി ഒക്കെ നടത്തുന്നു. പെട്രോൾ അടിക്കാൻ ഒക്കെ നല്ല പൈസ കാണും.

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