I've made this app for typing in Manglish and other Indian languages with predictive transliteration.

It's very easy to install with @FlatpakApps@twitter.com !

It's a frontend for the amazing library varnamproject.com made by @navaneethkn@twitter.com !

Install - subinsb.com/varnam

For , it works better than Google Input Tools !

The desktop app currently supports Malayalam, , , and . But Malayalam works the best.

Check out varnamproject.com for a live demo and if you wanna know more about the amazing library.


It might even be installable in Windows with the new @windowsdev@twitter.com Subsysyem for Linux.

Haven't tried it out, but it may work !

More about Varnam : It's fast, offline and free software (both in libre and cost :P) !

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