Used LaTeX in college for making project reports. I liked it.

Heard it can be used for making presentations. Know any good templates or starters for a beginner ?


@rajeesh Saw your presentation in that Janayugam event. That was made with LaTeX right ? Can you please provide me the template of that ?

@subins2000 @rajeesh I'm guessing that Rajeesh uses Beamer?

I personally used Emacs Org-mode + Pandoc + Beamer to write my weekly work reports at my previous workplace, because my team leader wanted it in presentation format. It quickly got the job done, and it was far less annoying than "regular" presentation software. Here's my template:

@sajith @subins2000 Right. Beamer + XeLaTeX with customized ‘metropolis’ theme. I might place the source in gitlab if anyone is sufficiently interested.

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