In our brief time in Delhi, every common man we spoke to were happy with "I ❤️ Kejriwal" stickers were common on rickshaws.

One cab driver said, "Kejriwal is good for state and Modi for nation". Seems Delhites don't want Kejriwal to leave the CM position...

We saw this one particular person talking loud on his small phone in the street. The initial conversation was about some ordinary thing, but at the end of the phone call, he asked the person on the other end to vote for AAP.

This was very interesting to see :D

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@subins2000 Other than hate, when did these sociopaths have anything to sell to the vote market! And it is easier to sell hate to disenchanted illogical masses than to informed ones. So they will work harder to keep them the fools they are.

We should be glad that at least Delhiites see some value in AAP.

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