It's been 9 years since I've started my blog It currently has 4,266,068+ pageviews and 2,400,000+ unique users.

I wonder how many people around the world I've made an influence on, even in a small way. Feels good :)

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I encourage everyone to start a blog, write stuff. When you face a problem, fixes it, and there's no docs on it anywhere, blog about it. It might help someone else, maybe even after 10, 20 years :)

Your writings may influence others, perhaps someone who came across your blog while wandering through the internet.

Hey, I still remember some things I've read in random blogs I came across when roaming around the world wide web and that have influenced me, yes ;)

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Some years back, I tried to cross-compile PHP to Android ARM (yes, I did that :P). It was very difficult. There was only this one Chinese person who made a doc on it.

Even though it was in Chinese, it was very helpful ! I was veryyyy grateful for that person then !!

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I came across the blog of a chechi who graduated from our college in 2009. She blogged about college life, her worries about studies, exam preparations, stuff like that.

There was this one post of a pet cat they had in the Ladies' Hostel.

Now, every time I see a cat in college, I think of that post and tell myself "this must be the descendant of that cat".

That blog post from 2007 has influenced me. These blogs are a way for curious people like me to know how college was like in the past.

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