Working with Electron JS + Vue for the first time. Spent hours trying to get the initial setup working and set up IPC.

Was frustrated for a while, but the solution to the frustrating problem was so simple.

This happens everytime. A timeout from the screen helps.

Playing with face-api.js. Successfully made the program recognize my face.

Lower the value, greater the face recognition.

I only needed to give 5 cropped faces of mine to get this.

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I needed to overlap my face from a picture to previous picture. For this, face landmarks needed to be matched and image positioned by doing Orthogonal Procrustes.

But, nodeJS doesn't have a numpy-like good library to do this. So pivoting the project to "Find My Photos"

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Pivoted the idea to make a "Find The Photos I'm In" app. This desktop app helps you to find photos you are in from a large collection of photos.

Works offline !

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