I think സംവൃതോകാരം is the reason English spoken by malayalees get a unique style. That punch sound at the end of words.

Mullappally Ramachandran recently saying "Nothing Doing" is an example.

@subins2000 Part of the reason. Our script is written as it is pronounced, there is no ambiguity as in English.

However Malayalam, does not have all the vowels as in international phonetic alphabet (IPA). So while speaking other languages we tend to approximate many vowels. Recently I saw the cover art for the movie Captain. The Malayalam spelling is clearly suboptimal.

@ashwinvis I've recently seen which says about this pronunciation vs spelling problem. I wonder which language is the best in sound-spelling aptness.

@subins2000 Danish has the most spoken vowels I think... It is not pleasant to hear though 😂

Tom Scott has done a bunch of interesting YouTube videos on this subject. If we could restart all over again, we should scrap Latin alphabets and use the IPA alphabets for supporting western languages. More practically use emojis and slowly evolve toward Japanese Kanji.

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