is 10 years old ! Thank you community for all the help you've done and still doing all these years !

Throwback to the first question I asked in 2012. The 12 year old me was trying to play games on Ubuntu :D

PS: It worked out, GTA San Andreas worked fine with !

@sahilister I've been using it since I was 10 years old. I got introduced to it from school where the Information Technology textbooks were all in GNU/Linux software. Kerala schools has a custom Ubuntu based distro.

So, when we were able to buy a computer (2010), we made sure that the school distro came with the computer.

The first Linux-based distro I got to play with was a Fedora (2007/8) and played those small games on it. I liked Nibbles very much! Ah, good memories! ❤️

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