If Google goes down, our government offices will also go down with it. Gov employees depend on Google for a lot of things, even the very basic Malayalam typing.

You should own your pencil, a software/company shouldn't dictate what you can write, when you can write.

@subins2000 And yet Kerala Govt. sided with G-suite, undoing a decade worth of Free Software progress.

@ashwinvis They're purposefully getting into a dependence with Google. But this online teaching is not sustainable (nobody likes it, teachers, students or parents) yet they're buying Chromebooks permanently.

@subins2000 @ashwinvis
Aren't Chromebooks expensive here? I think its better to buy a windows laptop at that price.

@nattukaran The article said gov is putting in 1000 crores for buying around 4 lakh devices, 2lakh of them chromebooks. Average about 20K.

Gov tried making their own laps trhough coconix which failed. Buying chromebooks just for online classes is wow! @ashwinvis

@subins2000 Same goes for aws, ms azure and google cloud.

How were the government services allowed to be in their servers?

(Some of them use those services, right?)

@famubu yes, COWIN is hosted in AWS. More and more government services are getting hosted in proprietary clouds.

@subins2000 In Google had a major outage on December 14, 2020. I don't know how much impacted govt offices but it sure did have an impact on online class hosted on Gmeet. Several companies and people around the world suffered because of it.

@nattukaran Yes I remember that outage, there's too much centralization on their services. Putting all eggs in one basket is very risky. More riskier when governments are in it too that can affect daily workings of a country.

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