I'm doing a talk on my "Television AdBlocker" at MiniDebConf India 2021 [Malayalam].

Come, join us in India's own mini Debian conference on January 23-24 available in multiple Indian languages!


I've a bad phone camera, but I took photos and uploaded them to @Wikipedia whenever I could. Just found my pic used here. It's a small festival celebrated in some parts of Kerala. There are no other CC-licensed media of it!

Every photo/video created pre-pandemic is valuable now!

Kids are born hackers.

വളരുമ്പോൾ ആ കൗതുകം കാത്തുസൂക്ഷിക്കുക :)

When maps are in open data, we can make cool visualizations like these.

Nice work @jinoytommanjaly

Thanks all OSM contributors :)
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2020 LSGI Election visualisation of majority in Thrissur district using @f_l_o_u_r_i_s_h


Went to the beach, found 3 "thaaliyolakal" washed ashore. I was able to read some Malayalam words on it, but couldn't fully understand what it is about.

How did it reach here ?
Shipwreck ?
Lost from 2018 Floods ?
Koodothram ? 👀

This is what mobile phones should have been like 😍
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RT @xteeio: Trying out multiple phone distro using p-boot on the @thepine64

BARC India measures TRP with hidden sound embedding. This applies to ads too.

Collect this sound data, make an adblock list (just like uBlock), frequently update it and voila, we just got a TV AdBlocker !

Gonna leave this to y'all hardware folks to make it :)

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is 10 years old ! Thank you community for all the help you've done and still doing all these years !

Throwback to the first question I asked in 2012. The 12 year old me was trying to play games on Ubuntu :D

PS: It worked out, GTA San Andreas worked fine with !

manorama newspaper is leaking letters. I now have a "ക" + partial "ള്‍" tattoo.

ഈ മഷി ചര്‍മ്മത്തില്‍ പറ്റുന്നത് പ്രശ്നമാണോ, ആരോഗ്യപരമായി ?

This article just had a paragraph when I first saw it. I added a table with 4 airports I found on internet. It was difficult finding such airports.

A month later, the table is filled with many examples !

One reason why works good is because it's centralized.

വി.എസ്. അച്യുതാനന്ദൻ കേരളത്തിന്റെ എത്രാമത്തെ മുഖ്യമന്ത്രി ആണെന്ന് ഇംഗ്ലീഷിൽ എങ്ങനെ പറയും ?

എനിക്ക് ഉത്തരം കിട്ടിയേ !

Do people just go to play store, pick a random app, say Hi and give 2 stars ? I don't get it.

At least the first one is a 5 star rating 👀


മുഖ്യമന്ത്രിയുടെ @CMOKerala social media എഴുത്തുകളുടെ word-analysis.

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ആനയിലെ 2018 മുതൽ ഉള്ള 5516 public ടൂട്ടുകൾ പരിശോധിച്ചു കിട്ടിയ പ്രമുഖ വാക്കുകൾ. മൊത്തം 30,000 തോളം വ്യത്യസ്ഥ വാക്കുകൾ കിട്ടി.

ഈ ഫയൽ ലോഡ് ചെയ്തിട്ടാണു ഞാൻ ഇപ്പൊ വർണം ഉപയോഗിച്ച് ഇത് എഴുതുന്നതും. തരക്കേടില്ല ✌️

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