Thanks to @radhikaa2001 for this spidey logo !

Check out @walter_tommasi's Buefy library to build beautiful UIs in VueJS

WebDrop is also available at

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Introducing WebDrop.Space, an easy way to transfer files & messages across all your devices seamlessly.

It works entirely on your browser with @WebTorrentApp, no installation needed ! Plus all devices under the same WiFi auto join the same room!

Made @MLHacks

Teaching amma Malayalam keyboard. Circle of life eh. Manglish won't work for her, because the spelling millenials use is very different from their assumption of words.

@smcproject's Indic Keyboard is super useful for all generations.

Keep up the awesome work @jishnu7 !

My first post on @ThePracticalDev : Watch Movies While You Code In i3 !

I've been watching videos + code simultaneously by using sticky windows on @i3wm ❤️

Hate it when sites have "Choose Language" option, you choose India, and then the page is in Hindi -_-

It's a bad idea to choose language with country flags.

Added custom grid size option & a countdown timer between turns to make things interesting and fun. -1 point if turn is not played 😈

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To make clicking on lines easier, I've added a hidden triangular area around the lines. Clicking on this area will also trigger clicking on the line.

The gameboard is plain SVG. <path> is used to make the triangular area

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Pivoted the idea to make a "Find The Photos I'm In" app. This desktop app helps you to find photos you are in from a large collection of photos.

Works offline !

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Playing with face-api.js. Successfully made the program recognize my face.

Lower the value, greater the face recognition.

I only needed to give 5 cropped faces of mine to get this.

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Implemented a "Play with Random People" feature to Vett, The Dots & Boxes online game :

What started as a hackathon project from @MLHacks Hack-at-Home comes to a finished end 23 days later 🎉

Learnt @vuejs, @WebTorrentApp & more along with @athulcajay

Sorry aripraavu, I meant these evil "angaadikkuruvi" beings. Apparently they are are all over the world 🤦‍♂.

Their German cousins as seen in the video are also loud, but not as much as ours.

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The town looked very post-apocalyptic. State highway 69 used to be one of the busiest roads in Kerala.

I noticed a foreshadowing in a Gov. ad : "കേരളം മാറുന്നു, ജീവിതങ്ങളും...".

Will add these photos to Wikimedia commons.

But then I realized this site is basically boasting about "unique" taste of the rich and other maangatholi so that those suckers will pay for the "elite" package.

This is a good business. Thinking of such startups. How'bout Tinder for families ? Let parents take care of swipes

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There is a matrimony site for the rich.

For rich families to find and marry other rich families cause their taste is very "unique" eh.

While other matrimony sites discriminates on caste, this one does with class.

Amma played the game in a very strategic, unique way than anyone else I've played it with. Probably cause of her experience with it than I have.

I wonder how this game became universal such that Malayalam, Tamil and many langs has its own unique name for it !

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Introducing Vett (പൂജ്യം വെട്ട്), the online multiplayer version of the Dots-and-Boxes game you played in school !

Unlimited number of players can play together ! Works P2P with WebRTC & WebTorrent trackers 🔥


Made a simple P2P, encrypted, noserver*, nosignup, instant group chat with my new library P2PT leveraging WebTorrent & WebRTC

*WebTorrent trackers are used for signalling

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