I've successfully made my first presentation in LaTeX for !


@overleaf@twitter.com docs were really helpful !! Thanks for a good documentation and keeping it accessible :)

Anupam Basak from @Nitrux_NX@twitter.com talking about their awesome MauiKit project.

Make apps easily for desktop, Plasma Mobile, Android and even Windows !

He also has demos to showcase !! Super cool ! Qt apps as an Android app, wow!!

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As the workshop concludes, our next speaker at , Subin Siby is ready with a presentation on KDE Kerala !

This talk will cover "How we revamped KDE Malayalam Localization & KDE promotion in Kerala"

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registrations are up! 🎉
You can now register for the KDE Conference India 2020.
To register, visit: conf.kde.in

Genre: Free, Open Source, Technology, Qt, KDE
Date: 17-19 January 2020
Venue: MAIT, Rohini, New Delhi

Me & @ranjithsiji@twitter.com will be speaking at .

My talk's on KDE in Kerala & Ranjith will be speaking on Janayugam newspaper's transition to FOSS. It's been a great year for KDE & Free Software in Kerala.

Looking forward to meet KDE folks IRL ! :)

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conf.kde.in is back in 2020! The Call for Papers for is already open, so submit your ideas for talks or workshops and join us at India's top @kdecommunity@twitter.com conference.


🐦🔗: twitter.com/kdeindia/status/11

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