@rajeesh Does Orca support Malayalam speech ? I've seen tts in SMC wiki. Whatever happened to that ?

I think it's harder in a computer to work with tts. In phone, swipe actions make it easier right ?

Saw a blind person using an Android phone in Delhi Metro. He repeatedly swipes right on screen and the phone speaks back each text on the screen.

He got an SMS message, copied it somehow, sent it to a contact on WhatsApp and got back an audio reply of the text.

Makes me think,
1. Are the apps we create friendly for such people ?
2. Does it support Malayalam and other regional lang speechback ?
3. How is the overall experience, what can be improved and what are the needs ?

A dog keeping watch while its human friend is sleeping on the street. This sight was both cute and sad.

We also saw a homeless person holding 4 small little kittens trying to keep them warm.

Behind the tourist attractions, fancy buildings, you can see a glimpse of the real India.

The number of homeless people on the streets I saw in Delhi was very surprising.

Even near to the places like India gate, we found people sleeping with blankets all over cause it's frickin cold in the night !!

While eating street food, little kids would come to us and beg. They don't have much clothes in that chilling cold weather and is wandering freely.

For a country that is 4th in the world on military spending, this is pathetic.

രാജ്യതലസ്ഥാനമാണെന്ന് പറഞ്ഞിട്ട് കാര്യമൊന്നുമില്ല.

Heard the story of an Australian yesterday at IFFK. His father is an aboriginal and mother European.

His aboriginal father didn't get citizenship until he was 21. Australia denied citizenship to the original inhabitants of the continent !! The constitution had distinguished the natives and the white settlers.

Having to beg the invaders for citizenship of his own land where his ancestors lived for centuries !!!

Saw Jignesh Mevani today speaking at an anti NRC+CAA rally in Thrissur.

Some Muslim organization did this event. There were no women on the stage. And there were very very few in the crowd.

The irony of "EQUALITY" written in huge letters in the background.

bucketlist-- # see a theatre play

Attended International Theatre Festival of Kerala today at Sangeetha Nataka Akademi. Also went for an exhibition at Lalitha Kala Akademi. I liked the vibe here, the people and places. The first play I saw in my life was really good too !

Living in Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, I should have done this longggg ago. Starting all these now :D.

Any suggestions/things I should check out dear aana pappaanmaar ?

Coming back from Delhi on a morning flight and saw the most beautiful sunrise ever. Felt like being on a different planet for a while.

For us Indians living on the west coast, sunsets are what we see the most.

@sajith oops, അത് പറയാന്‍ മറന്നു :P

@sajith 😂😂😂 നന്ദി !

എനിക്കും വയസ്സായി ആനയ്ക്കും വയസ്സായി 😌

@aashiks Just as how we track paths normally.

I have some offline maps data of India. I turn the trip recording on with GPS activated. Then see where I'm at and afterwards, see the stats of speed altitude and things. It's cool to see those :D

01-20-2020 20:20:20

I turned 20 on 20 in the year of 2020. Very fancy ! And at `20:20` (8PM) tonight, it was the peak moment of fanciness 😂

The next such fanciness will be in the year `3030` at `1030` years old ? Nopeee, this is my fanciest birthday timestamp ever ! 😝

Ever since I played GTA, used Blender, I had this thought that the whole world and life is a simulation in a 3D rendered world. So there might be some rendering errors and glitches somewhere. But seeing the waves hitting the shore and the beautiful glistening from it, there was no glitch. It was amazing ! It was perfect !

Is this the real life or is it just fantasy ?
Prolly real, or not ?

This is Kodungallur/Paravur beach btw. Been tracking flight path with OSMAnd.

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Sashmita braves the cold (compared to Kerala state) to talk about her SoK work

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