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Kerala is well on track to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. The State has topped 's India Index 2019 with a top score of 70.

The State has improved its previous score and has emerged as Front Runner in 10 categories, out of a total of 16 goals.

Added a Bernie banner in footer. Looking at Cloudflare stats, the site have 200K monthly unique visitors of which majority are Americans.

Can I influence Americans with this Bernie banner ? Idk, but I like to believe so :)

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I finally updated my blog theme which was long pending. It looks good to me, so I can now focus more on the content now 🤞:D

Added a Malayalam section too. മലയാളത്തില്‍ എന്തെങ്കിലുമൊക്കെ എഴുതണം.


What happened when... met David Attenborough for the first time?

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Just uploaded all the good pictures I had of the solar eclipse event at RSC, Kozhikode to Wikimedia Commons.

I don't have any pic of the eclipse, only of the people who were curiously watching it :)

And this is my 100th edit in Commons ! 🎉

I noticed that there was no Buon Natale page or photos in even though it has been 6 years since its inception.

So, we made one yesterday. I've uploaded the best of my pics+vids to commons.

Thanks to for making the page :)

Radicalization becomes easier when it's easier to make people feel that they're being targeted.

The current Indian government is doing exactly that. CAA further divides people and radicalize some people.

എന്ത് മണ്ടത്തരമാണീ കാണിച്ചു കൂട്ടുന്നത് !

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Awwww, the Indian gov is so nice. They want to help the persecuted minorities in neighbouring countries.

Guess who's the persecuted minority in Myanmar ? Muslims.

So, is Myanmar in CAA ? NOPE !!

Same with Nepal & Sri Lanka.

There's no doubt CAA is biased against Muslims.

Kerala Government Encourages Night Walk For Women From December 29

Kerala government is trying to make Gandhi dream come true with a new program, Night Walk for Women, starting on December 29.

#Kerala #India #feminism

The North Remembers.

ന്റെ മോനേ, ഇത് വന്നപ്പോഴുള്ള രോമാഞ്ചിഫിക്കേഷൻ ഒന്ന് വേറെ തന്നെയാ!

ഒരു റാലിക്ക് പറ്റിയ bgm :D

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In between the parade, there was a vehicle and volunteers assigned for collecting & picking up trash, especially plastic bottles.

This was a nice addition to see.

A reminder that Kerala is banning a lot of plastic items starting new year, 2020.

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Hearing the 2019 song for the
1st time: ewwww, what a cringey song
2nd: velya kozhappilyaa
3rd: ith kollaaalo
4th: buon buon buon nathale, buon nathale.
eLlaArUm deNcE kElikK

ഇതാണ് മലയാളം EDM!

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At Buon Natale, Thrissur. It was really nice ! Not much crowd like pooram and the music was all good.

In fact, the DJ was so good that I went to him, and said "ന്റെ മോനേ, ഇങ്ങള് വേറെ ലവലാണ്" :D

പൂരം മേളത്തിന്റേതാണെങ്കിൽ നതാലെ EDM പാട്ടുകളുടേതാണ്.


registrations are up! 🎉
You can now register for the KDE Conference India 2020.
To register, visit:

Genre: Free, Open Source, Technology, Qt, KDE
Date: 17-19 January 2020
Venue: MAIT, Rohini, New Delhi

The last time I visited RSC was when I was 11 or 12. It was a trip from Sunday School 🙊.

I still remember my experience then. As a kid who love & admire science, the place was amazing. Everyone must definitely see this place, especially kids.

It was my brother's first time at RSC & he loved it.

My brother & I last walked through the streets of Kozhikode when we were 7/5. We used to live in Wayanad. Kozhikode is nostalgic to us ✨

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From superstition fear mongering to cheering eclipse, we have grown :)

There were a lot of kids at the event asking various questions to their parents. The adults were also curious.

I talked with a parent who lives nearby, but it's their first time at RSC. Kids must visit RSC!!

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The eclipse at planetarium was dramatic.

The sky was clear at first, but just 10 minutes before the maximum eclipse, clouds hid the sun. The visibility became less and we all felt raindrops.

Just 2 minutes before the max, the cloud went away and the crowd cheered & clapped !

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Joined an anti NRC+CAA protest in Kozhikode today. I couldn't stay long, but there were a lot of vibrant people.

Art, music have always helped in paving a way for peaceful protests.

An example is Varika Varika Sahajare used in Salt March which was also in Kozhikode 🔥

At Kozhikode regional science centre & planetarium.

Lot of people here to witness the solar event of the decade.

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