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NITC's annual Ragam fest is organized in memory of Rajan.

This one's my favorite Ragam Trailer, 2014 :

Rajan's body was never found. All were acquitted due to lack of evidence.

Rajan's father wrote a biography which won a Kerala Sahitya Akademi award
This is the story of a student who toppled a Congress Chief Minister in Kerala.Rajan, a final year stud…

How to write a Malayalam Number ?

Take 2013. It is read in Malayalam as "രണ്ടായിരത്തി പതിമൂന്ന്" (randaayirathi pathimoonnu). Split it :

രണ്ട് (randu) : 2 - ൨
ആയിരത്തി (aayirathi) : 1000 - ൲
പത്ത് (pathu) : 10 - ൰
മൂന്ന് (moonnu) : 3 - ൩

Combine them together to get "൨൲൰൩".

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Came across This guy is doing a great work ! He digitizes old Malayalam books, papers he find and release it on Internet Archive !!

He also Facebook posts interesting stuff.

There are many unique things on his site. I found the only good doc on Malayalam numerals from there (which I added to Wikipedia later) :

This writing is by Gundert of caste statistics (1850s) in Thalipparambu Taluk.

70 castes !! In the order of their social hierarchy !

I made a simple tool to encode/decode Hindu-Arabic numerals to/from Malayalam numerals :

It's written in Thengascript i.e the source code is in Malayalam !

It's my first program written in Malayalam :)

21 - ൨൰൧
22 - ൨൰൨
30 - ൩൰
31 - ൩൰൧
39 - ൩൰൯
40 - ൪൰
90 - ൯൰

1000 is '൲'
1,000,000 is '൲൲'

Isn't it difficult to remember & write numbers in Malayalam like these ? Prolly why it's not used anymore.

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1 - ൧
2 - ൨
3 - ൩
4 - ൪
10 - ൰

'11' is '൰൧', not '൧൧'
'20' would be '൨൰'
'100' has its own character '൱'

Tamil & Malayalam has this peculiarity. Kannada & Hindi doesn't.

Transliterating Malayalam numbers is therefore difficult. You can't just simply replace numbers.

Haven't recharged Jio in a month. They call at times asking to recharge. But, veetil internet undallo.

Incoming calls are still available just like before. So, there's no reason to recharge Jio.

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Broadband bill of March 2020

250+ GB
8GB/day approx

Night usage (2AM - 8AM): 8GB
That means I'm sleepin okay

Our college's been using and for taking online classes for the past 2 weeks. They work really good !

And both are Open Source software !

Kudos to the developers for making this wonderful piece of software ! 🎉

These days, I need to submit assignments via Moodle. There's a 5MB PDF upload size limit.

I take the photos of the pages and do this :

convert -quality 80 *.jpg assignment.pdf

Compiles the photos into a PDF. Decrement the value '80' to decrease the PDF file size further.

PM: Let's do a tiktok challenge !

ഒരു വാർത്താസമ്മേളനം എങ്കിലും സാാാാർ
RT @SubinSiby
The Prime Minister of India hasn't done a single press conference since he came to power in 2014 ! He only "broadcasts", never takes in questions.

Meanwhile, the Kerala CM has been doing press conferences and informing the public lively in this Corona scare.

Democracy much ?

After almost 4 months, that plan got completed :)

Promises promises, :P

It took me 3 weeks to build the extension, but could've finished it wayy earlier, samayameduth pathukke test cases okke ezhuthiyaa panithe.
RT @SubinSiby
@devpranoy Lol 😂😂

I have a plan to make a Firefox web extension too f@devpranoy@twitter.comhat do you think ?

Oops, didn't include logo in the previous tweet. Here's the logo.

Thanks to for web-extension-starter which makes it easy to make browser extensions :

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Introducing Indic-En, a browser extension to (auto) convert Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada webpages to Manglish, Hinglish and Kanglish respectively.

Available now in Firefox :

Blog -

Thanks to for this beautiful logo :)

I can read Hindi, but can't understand it. can understand, but can't read.

While in Delhi, I'd read and he'll say the meaning. That's how we got around :D

Also saw posters written in Hinglish, because there are people who can understand Hindi, but can't read it.

I have published it in npm :

npm i libindic-transliteration

My first package in npm ! 🎉

PS: npm packaging & upload is easy
RT @SubinSiby
I've been working on porting @indicproject's Transliterator module to JavaScript. It can transliterate Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada text to English script : Manglish, Hinglish, Kanglish.

Here's the webdemo : https://de…

Maaaahn, I miss hackathons and KTIZzzzzzz.
Can we even group together like this after all of this is over ?

I've couple of cool ideas I want to build on, but would rather do it in a hackathon than home.

Missing hackathon chill vibes :(

(that's a heartbroken sign)

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